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The following repository contains Code and Documentation related to my project Home Automation and Security Systems.

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Overall Description
Requirement Analysis and Specifications
Requirement Analysis and Specifications

1. Introduction

The main objective of the following document is to describe and elaborate all the features that would be incorporated in the following project.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to give a detailed description of the requirement for the Home Automation & Security System product. This document contains :
1. System Requirement
2. Hardware Specifications
3. Constraints
4. Interfacing and Interaction with external applications.

1.2 Scope

Home Automation & Security System [HASS] is a full fledged home automation system which will be economically viable for the user to adapt. The cross platform type of the application will enable user to get alerts on the go irrespective of the type of phone/system a user uses. The application would be released under GPL License.

HASS will also give user the freedom to run the end user application on any device as well will enable them to modify the entire module as per their need. HASC will enable one point control for the entire house and the administrative access will be limited.

Furthermore, the software and the Hub will use Internet and GPRS connection to log the result and send them to the remote server. From the remote server using feature of GCM [Google Cloud Messaging] notifications can be send to user's phone or any other registered device. User will receive notifications such as :
*- Temperature/Humidity Control
*- Live Feed of the power consumption
*- Live Camera Feed from the house

1.3 Definitions, Acronyms & abbreviations

1. User - Someone who will use and interact with the software application
2. Admin - Administrator who will grant and revoke access to the HASC system
3. Web Portal - A web application which will give dedicated login and access to the user to monitor the HASC system remotely
4. GPRS - General Packet Radio Service, a mobile oriented data service
5. HASS - Home Automation and Security System

1.4 References

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